Assessing Department

Assessment Information for 2021 The Consumer Price Index (CPI) mandated from the state this year is 1.014 %.  Taxable Values on properties will increase by that amount for taxing purposes for 2021.  Taxable Value is the basis for your property taxes.  This will be calculated using the inflation rate of 1.014 for the 2020 capped value.  Properties that have been uncapped as a result of a sale may see a higher increase in taxable value as well as properties for which there is new construction.  The assessed value, however, is not the value that is multiplied by the millage rate to establish taxes.  Your Assessment Change Notice is sent out in February, and if you have questions or concerns please contact Supervisor Bloomquist at the Township office.  Remember, it is taxable value that is used to compute tax bills.

Homestead Exemption is also indicated on the Assessment Change Notice.  You should check your notice at the center bottom for the number that can range from 0 to 100%.  To receive 100% property exemption you must own and occupy your residence.  All homeowners for newly constructed homes must file a Principle Residence Exemption form with their local government and occupy the home by November 1st to receive the exemption.  The form is available here and at the Township office.

Board of Review meets three times a year in March, July and December.  March B of R is the ONLY time a valuation appeal can be made.  

March Board of Review hears appeals on valuation, poverty exemption, classification, qualified ag,and veteran exemptions. The March Board of Review  will be held by electronic remote access due to the ongoing issues associated with the COVID-19 epidemic and relevant guidance issued from MDHHS (unless by the dates of the March Board of Review meetings it becomes lawful under state agency rules for an indoor in-person public meeting to be held).   Due to these changes, it is important to have the following documentation prepared and submitted ahead of your appointment to insure a thorough review.  

Sales studies by neighborhood: 


March Board of Review Schedule

March 2nd 6:00 pm Organizational Meeting Agenda


Board of Review Members

  • Brian Johnston, Member
  • Steve Vaughn, Assessor
  • Gerald Eidt, Member
  • Mike Rice, Chair
  • Kurt Guter, Alternate
  • Wanda Bloomquist, Secretary