Over the years, the Township has continued to expand funding to maintain our local roads. The Road Committee has diligently worked on policy recommendations to the Board, along with recommendations about which roads to address over the next year. The Board recently adopted a new policy to address funding for Township maintenance. Click on the box (below right) to view the policy.

The breakdown of the roads within the Township include

  • State maintained:  3.4 miles (Grand River)
  • County Maintained Primary: 28.1 miles (Ex.: Zimmer, Haslett)
  • Local through: 33.4 miles (Ex.: Germany, Barton)
  • Neighborhood: 16.9 miles (Ex.: Sandstone, Mapleshade)
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The Township receives $45,000 a year from the County as a match towards maintaining our local through roads.  The County does not provide any match for Neighborhood roads/streets as this work is contracted out by the County. With the average cost of maintenance or reconstruction running from $40,000 to $200,000 a mile (depending on work needed), you can see the difficulty in meeting the funding needs for Township Roads as the Township collects less than $200,000 in property taxes a year.

The Ingham County Road Department is responsible for maintenance on Township roads. Please call Ingham County Road Department at 517-676-9722 with maintenance concerns, such as potholes.

Click on the Roadway Improvement Plan in the left column of this page for the full report.


Road Improvements Amendment Memo

Williamstown Township Road Millage - FAQ

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Map showing condition of local roads

Mailbox Damage Reimbursement Information - Ingham County
     - Call the Ingham County Road Commission at (517) 676-9722