Frequently Asked Questions about Paying your Township Taxes

How can I avoid delay when paying property taxes?

If possible, pay with a check rather than cash, and write your parcel number on your check for maximum safety. Your parcel number is the long number that begins with 33-03, and it is unique to your property. It is printed on your tax bill and tax receipt. Bring or mail in the stub from the top of your bill when paying. Pay the exact amount that you owe because overpayments and underpayments cause delay.

How can I get a receipt if a bank or mortgage company pays my taxes?

If a bank or mortgage company pays your taxes, we will mail a receipt to you only if you call to request one, or you can click on the "Online Property Tax Information" link to print your own.

What am I charged if I pay my summer taxes late? (after September 14)

Summer taxes are due on September 14. The law requires that one percent interest be charged for every month or portion of a month that they are overdue. If you have a bill from an earlier month, that amount will no longer be accurate. You can call our office at 655-3193 to find out the amount due in the month that you are paying.

The law also requires a three percent penalty for Summer property taxes that are paid after February 14. Each year on March 1, any unpaid real (residential) property taxes must be turned over to the Ingham County Treasurer for collection, and additional fees are assessed. The county treasurer will eventually begin foreclosure proceedings on properties with unpaid taxes.

When are taxes assessed if I sell my property?

Real and personal property taxes are assessed on December 31 of the previous year. If you own a home or a business on that day, they will be assessed to you. If you sell your home or business during the following year, you are still responsible for paying the bill. It is a common practice to negotiate with the buyer to pay you the amount of taxes for the portion of the year that the buyer will own the home or business.

How can I get a Duplicate Tax Receipt?

Receipts for property tax payments can be requested at the time taxes are paid by checking the box on the lower part of the tax bill and returning it with the payment. Duplicate receipts for property tax payments are also available from the Treasurer’s office or by following the link on the website.