Township Supervisor, Wanda Bloomquist

"On September 12th, the Board was presented with the 2018 financial statement from our auditors.  Here is a link to the full audit. The Township is in excellent financial health and the Board will continue to monitor revenue and expenditures throughout the year." 

Wanda Bloomquist, Township Supervisor~


Dear Residents: 

I am very pleased that you have sought out the Township's website. The site is intended to keep you informed of general and ongoing functions of Williamstown Township. The Home page will consist of upcoming events and/or time sensitive information.

Beginning September 1st, 2015, I began fulfilling my appointment by the Township Board for retiring Supervisor Mickey Martin.  Having the pleasure of serving my Township for the past 9 years, I look forward to serving you as your Supervisor.

Please know that my door is always open to discuss your concerns, answer your questions, and consider your suggestions of how we can better serve our residents.

I am here to serve you the residents and I will continually work hard to assure you are getting the most from your Township Government.

Please do not hesitate to stop in for any information or just to introduce yourself.

Supervisor Statutory Duties
  • Moderates board and annual meetings
  • Chief assessing officer (if certified)
  • Secretary to Board of Review
  • Township Legal Agent
  • Must maintain records of supervisor office
  • Develops township budget
  • Appoints some commission members
  • Member of Township Election Commission
  • May call special meetings
  • May appoint a deputy


"Duties" courtesy of Michigan Township Association

Email Supervisor Bloomquist

[email protected]