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Results of the August 4th State and Local Primary Election.

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Williamstown Township's next election will be the General Election on November 3, 2020. Polls are open 7 am to 8 pm.

To return your Absentee Application and/or Ballot these are the options:

  • Postal Mail
  • Township Drop Box (white box next to the postal mail box - accessible from your car)
  • mail slot next to the front door
  • bring inside the Township office.

We strongly encourage use of the drop box or mail slot; both are locked and secure and are checked at least once per day.


AV Application: Instructions are on the back, please read carefully and follow them. If you are using the drop box to return your application, you do not need to put it in an envelope. NOTE: If you gave us a mailing address that wasn't your residence for the last election you voted in, please contact us to let us know whether you still wish to have your ballot for the upcoming election sent to that address. You can also do this by going to the Michigan Voter Information Center.

A note about multiple Absentee Applications: You may receive more than one Absentee Application. The Township mails one to each person on our Permanent Absentee Voter List and to those who request them for individual elections. This year, the State of Michigan mailed applications to those not on the list as well. Often, the political parties send Absentee Applications too. What to do? Just pick one and send it to the Township. Even if we receive multiple applications, you will only receive one ballot. As always, if you receive mail for persons who are no longer living at your address or who are deceased, do not open it; please just write on the envelope "not at this address" or "deceased" and return to your mail carrier or the post office. They will return the mail to whoever sent it so they can correct their records.

Ballot: Ballots are currently in the process of being printed and will be sent to us near the third week of September. We will begin mailing them to residents approximately the week of September 21st for the November 3rd election, so be on the lookout! Make sure you put your ballot back inside the secrecy sleeve before placing in the return envelope. MAKE SURE YOU SIGN THE ENVELOPE! Ballots without signatures cannot be processed. If your signature does not match what we have on file for you, we may ask you to come into the office so we can verify your signature. Thanks for your cooperation in keeping our elections and your vote secure! Please return your ballot as soon as possible; with more absentee voters this election, we need more time to check them in.

Questions?: Contact Clerk Mark Steinberg or Deputy Clerk Robin Cleveland at (517) 655-3193. You can easily check the status of your Absentee Application or Ballot, your voting location, and more at the Michigan Voter Information Center.

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Election and Precinct Information

Election Forms

All voter information on this page is current as of 9-9-20.

Election Precinct Map

Precinct 1 location
Williamstown Township Hall
4990 Zimmer Road

Precinct 2 location
St. Katherine's Church
4650 N. Meridian Road

Absent Voter Counting Board (AVCB) - sequestered
985 Sherwood Rd.